Things To Do Close to Anderson Camp

Explore Idaho, find restaurants, or current events near Eden, ID

Natural Wonders

Interesting Sites

Tours & Adventure


Events & Festivals

Enjoy the great outdoors

For outdoor enthusiasts

Get your outdoor recreation fix. With plenty of great outdoor activities in the areas surrounding Anderson Camp, there’s something here (in driving distance) for everyone. And you’ll find trailheads for hiking, climbing, mountain biking, the California/Oregon trail, snow shoeing, and more.

Magic Mountain Ski Resort and Recreation Area (13.6 miles)

Twin Falls Golf Club (14.1 miles)

Canyon Springs Golf Course (17.0 miles)

City of Rocks (52.8 miles)

Pomerelle Ski Area (61.4 miles)

Castle Rocks State Park (76.1 miles)

Soldier Mountain Ski Area (85.0 miles)

Sun Valley Resort and Recreation Area (87.6 miles)

Sawtooth National Recreation Area (94.4 miles)

And for you BASE jumpers, the nearby Perrine Bridge is one of the only man-made structures where base jumping is allowed year-round (without a permit).

Natural wonders

Experience the beauty of Southern and Central Idaho

Packed with Natural Wonders, you’ll want to stay for months just to see and experience all that the area has to offer.

Between the massive falls, cliffs, and gorges of the Snake River Valley, to the large surrounding forest and mountain areas. Or find a natural hot spring to relax and enjoy.

Twin Falls Waterfalls (9.4 miles)

Shoshone Falls (11.5 miles)

Dierkes Lake (12.5 miles)

Cauldron Linn Star Falls (14.9 miles)

Wilson Butte Cave (17.3 miles)

Idaho Birding Trail (20.6 miles)

Niagara Springs (25.9 miles)

Malad River Overlook (36.6 miles)

1000 Springs State Park (38.5 miles)

Malad Gorge Park (38.5 miles)

Mammoth Cave (40.1 miles)

Hagerman Fossil Beds (43.1 miles)

Shoshone Indian Ice Caves (47.4 miles)

Balanced Rock (48.4 miles)

City of Rocks (52.8 miles)

Gooding City of Rocks (58.3 miles)

Bruneau Dunes (87.8 miles)

Sawtooth National Recreation Area (94.4 miles)

Craters of the Moon (98.9 miles)

Great Rift (98.9 miles)

Peaks to Craters Scenic Byway (114 miles)

Interesting attractions and sites

Check out the local area

Check out one (or a few) of these interesting sites within a short drive from Anderson Camp.

Minidoka Historic Site (10.4 miles)

Friday Night Ghost Tours (12.1 miles)

Perrine Bridge (14.5 miles)

Evil Knievel Jump Site (16.0 miles)

Twin Falls Historical Museum (16.0 miles)

Herrett Center for Arts & Science (16.4 miles)

Twin Falls Area Wineries (17.0 miles)

Historic Downtown Twin Falls (17.0 miles)

Annie’s Lavender Farm (30.1 miles)

National Fish Hatchery (37.6 miles)

Fantastic Flea Market (39.9 miles)

Bear Claw Trading Post (47.4 miles)

Wood River Mines (63.9 miles)

Massacre Rocks State Park (81.4 miles)

Tours and Adventure

Fun at any participation level

Enjoy a guided tour or attraction. Whether it’s to relax on a cruise, take in the beauty around you, or get your adrenaline fix, you’re bound to enjoy yourself on one of these tours.

River Tour with Idaho Guide Services (10.3 miles)

Zipline Tour with Zip the Snake (17.0 miles)

Cruise with 1000 Springs Tours (36.6 miles)

Raft with High River Adventure Tours (37.5 miles)

Shoshone Indian Ice Caves (47.4 miles)

Guided Tours at Craters of the Moon (98.9 miles)


Dining options to suit anyone’s palette

Anderson Camp is just outside of Twin Falls, where you’ll find plenty of dining options close by.

Here’s a few of our favorite places to eat:

Garden of Eden 0.7 (miles)

Janitzio Family Mexican Restaurant (11.0 miles)

Idaho Joe’s Restaurant & Bakery (12.0 miles)

O’Dunkens Draught House (12.2 miles)

Jakers Bar & Grill (15.4 miles)

Garibaldi’s Mexican Restaurant (18.1 miles)

Events and Festivals

Home to many great events throughout the year

Twin Falls, Burley, Eden, and the other surrounding areas offer camp guests a selection of fun activities and events.

Based on the time of year you’ll be visiting us, check out some of the local favorites.

Hagerman Bird Festival - President’s Day Weekend (39.9 miles)

Hagerman Fossil Days - Memorial Day Weekend (39.4 miles)

Twin Falls Western Days - June (17.0 miles)

Idaho Regatta Late June (33.7 miles)

Twin Falls Summer Concert Series - June to August (17.0 miles)

City of Rocks Star Party - early August (52.8 miles)

St. Patrick's Day in Twin Falls - St. Patrick’s Day (17.0 miles)

Spudman Triathlon - last Saturday in July (17.0 miles)

Magic Valley Beer Festival - early August (12.0 miles)

Perrine Bridge Festival - September (14.5 miles)

Hagerman Car Show - late September (39.9 miles)

Halloween Bash in Twin Falls - late October (16.2 miles)

College of Southern Idaho Events Calendar (locations vary):

Host to a variety of events in the Twin Falls area throughout the year – including theater productions, harvest festivals, Christmas holiday craft markets, and so much more.